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The mca Approach

R&D tax credits are yours by right.They are statutory incentives not aggressive tax planning. mca’s unique approach is a tried and tested methodology which has helped many companies either claim for the first time or increase the claims they have already made.

The specialist mca R&D team has many years of experience in successfully helping companies maximise their UK tax credits claim. As curious people with years of experience, we are able to ask the questions that make the difference and spot opportunities in areas that many people would not consider involved innovation or creative thinking. Here are some examples of companies we’ve recently helped.

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Albion Saddle Makers Ltd said mca’s unique approach allowed us to vastly increase our claim over and above what another specialist R&D consultancy had been able to achieve. Andrew’s ability to glean information from us, and then write it up in such a comprehensive way was instrumental in maximising our claim.quotation-marks-right

More about mca group

mca is a leading business advisory, accountancy and tax services firm in the UK, working with dynamic and ambitious people who need partners with specialist expertise to achieve business success.

Our ‘working in partnership’ approach, both within our teams and with our clients, has earned us the level of trust necessary to question, challenge and highlight business situations with underlying opportunities – and ultimately deserve the title of Specialists in Success.

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