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A pint of R&D tax credits please, Landlord

“I say Charlie, this new beer they’ve got on tap at the moment ain’t half good.”
“Yes,” says Charlie, “there’s something really different about it. It’s as though we’re walking through a field of hops in Kent, but without the sea breeze and the wind in our faces.”
Charlie turns to Alf, the landlord. “Where did you find this stuff?”

“Well, I was on holiday in Dorset and I came across one of these new-fangled micro-brewery places. You know, full of stainless steel vats, lots of piping, constant temperature, etc. Looked more like a blooming laboratory to me than a brewery. The malster (thank goodness they keep some things the same) was telling me that they’ve devised this new fermentation technique. Apparently it involves rapidly changing the temperature, and he says that by doing that they don’t lose any of the flavour or aroma of the hops. Sounds a bit far-fetched to me, but I can’t deny it, it’s a blooming good pint.

And do you know what? He was also telling me that the taxman helps pay for it”.

Charlie chuckles as he says “Now I’ve heard it all – the best pint I’ve had for ages AND it’s on the taxman. I’ll have another if you don’t mind Alf!”

Now Alf, Charlie et al didn’t understand the science, or how R&D tax credits work. But they understood the beer, and they liked the fact that the taxman helped pay for it.

At mca we help British companies of all types recoup research and development costs from the government by filing R&D Tax Credit claims.

If down at the pub you’ve heard about R&D tax credits but don’t think they’re for you, click here to read the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About R&D Tax Claims, then give us a call on 0121 784 5818 to arrange a meeting with Dr Andrew Jupp and his team of experts. We’ll give you an honest opinion if your business could benefit.