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Reduce your tax bill or get a payment of cash from HMRC by maximising your R&D claim – here’s how

What are R&D tax credits?

Tax CreditsR&D tax credits are a statutory relief made available by the government to help and encourage companies to invest in innovation and development of new ideas. Many business owners are either unaware of the existence of these R&D tax incentives, think that they do not apply to their business, or believe that they are hard and costly to apply for.

All these are misconceptions. We have helped many companies make successful claims where their current advisors have not either spotted the opportunity or been able to help, or maximised claims where companies were not taking full advantage of the reliefs available.

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Seem Unlikley?


We have helped companies in the most unlikely of industries to benefit from R&D tax credits.

The Rules

Here’s how to get your tax credit if you are incurring costs for developing a new product, process or service.


Claiming Your Credits

Claiming Your Credits

The HMRC scheme is designed to encourage innovation; we can help you file your R&D tax credit claims.

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Answer four questions to find out if your company is eligible to pursue R&D tax credits.

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